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Pournami Lottery RN 336 Kerala Lottery Result (22.04.2018)

Tickets of the lottery are all governed by the Director. All the activities relating to printing and distribution of tickets are under the direct control of the Government. The number of tickets to be printed and the number of series are decided by the Director. One can easily find and get the ticket from any agency or agent that have obtained a legalized pass or permission from the Lottery Department of Kerala. Lotteries are on weekly basis and are available at the prices of Rs 20Rs 40Rs One can purchase tickets from the following lotteries that are conducted on weekly basis —. The tickets are printed with numbers starting from , each bearing an alphabetic code. The numbers are preceded by a code consisting of two alphabets, of which the first letter representing the name of the lottery scheme and the second letter representing the series. For example, in a ticket bearing the No. AB, the letter A — represents Akshaya and B — represents the series. Now the drums are ready for the draw. The supervising panel is given a list containing the sold and unsold numbers. The department has taken every possible step to make the draw transparent. There is no common venue for all draws. Venues are decided by the department on the basis of consultation with agents and the public. After deciding on the venue, a panel consisting of the MLA of that constituency as Chairman, other public representatives, socio-cultural and political persons etc. Venue for the draw and the details of panel members are published before the date of draw, which ensures maximum public participation. The public is given the chance to participate in the procedure once the first few prizes are determined by judges present. You May Like. This time I want parches onam bumper. But I leve in Delhi. Pl tell me. Wich process to parches two tickets of onam bumper. Disclaimer : All efforts have been made to provide the accurate information about Kerala. However we do not own any responsibility for the correctness or authenticity of the same. Please check with the Kerala local authorities and Govt websites of Kerala for latest and correct information on Kerala. Some of the pictures and copyright items belong to their respective owners. If any copyright is violated, kindly inform and we will promptly remove the picture. This website is not the official Govt.

Kerala Lotteries

Established on September 1,Kerala Lotteries grew fast to become the leading provider of Indian lottery games. Just like other lotteries around the world, Kerala Lotteries were founded with an objective to raise funds to help in the development of the State of Kerala as well as to register its presence in the Indian lottery playing field so as to control illegal operations in lottery games. The first game under Kerala Lotteries was launched on November 1, with a top prize of Rs. The cost per play was set at Rs. From these somewhat humble beginnings, Kerala Lotteries have grown immensely from the one lottery game every one or two months to an exciting 7 weekly Indian lotto games, 6 Bumper Indian lotto games and 2 Bi-Weekly games. It is now possible to play Indian lottery online through Kerala Lotteries thanks to its online lottery ticket sales network. Every week, Kerala Lotteries gives away lakhs of prizes and this has encouraged lots of other states in Indian to start their own lottery games. The retail agents forming the Kerala Lotteries network are about 35, in number. All the above games can be played online. For the weekly games, tickets are priced at Rs. The tickets you buy for the respective games come pre-printed with numbers starting fromand each ticket also has a two letter alphabetic code. The first letter of the alphabetic code helps denote the particular Indian lotto game and the second letter refers to the series. For instance, if your ticket comes with the code KL, K stands for Kairali lottery while L denotes the series of the particular ticket. There are 7 drums in 7 separate colors used to make the Kerala Lotteries draw. The first drum is for ticket series drawing while the rest 6 drums represent numbers from lakhs place value to ones units. During the drawing, a closed purse bearing tokens with the series code is put into the first drum. The second drum bears a closed purse with tokens for the number of lakhs applicable to the particular draw. This is for determining the lakhs place value. The remaining 5 drums have purses that contain tokens which are numbered from 1 to 9. When these drums are set, the drawing can now take place. The drums are first mixed and then a token is taken from the first drum which marks the series and thereafter a token is picked from the remaining drums, which are then arranged to the right of the series code thereby producing an alphanumeric code which becomes the winning number. If the lottery number drawn relates to a lottery ticket that has not as yet been sold, there will be a repeat of the draw until the prize goes to a ticket that was sold. With authorized lottery ticket sales companies, the uptake of lottery in India is progressing quite well. People from around the world can buy their tickets online and participate in Kerala Lotteries without physically being present in India. Just like the other major lottery games in the world, Kerala Lotteries games are open to all people around the world irrespective of where they live.

Tickets and Drawing Procedure

On this Sunday, most of you are enjoying day of rest. The cost of a Pournami lottery is 30 rupees. The first prize winner is awarded an amount of 65 Lakhs Indian National Rupees. You can buy RN Pournami lotteries from any lottery seller that you can see in petrol pumps, cinema theatres, shops, railway stations, traffic, streets etc. Just make sure that the serial number is visible, and the lottery has no damage at all. Pournami RN Kerala lottery guessing number system is not practically possible. Just consider these as fun games which is created for entertainment purpose. Pournami RN winning ticket numbers are announced from 3pm onwards and full result of Winning ticket numbers are available to download at 4pm or later. Winning ticket numbers are impossible to predict. Pournami RN lotteries draw are conducted very transparently. There is no cheating or fraud involving in it. Never believe all those who claims to provide winning ticket numbers or even if they said that they are from Kerala State Lotteries Department. All such kind of activities are scams. The winners are not pre-determined. So never thought to get winning numbers before the actual lottery draw starts at 3 pm today. Be smart and identify those cheaters. Never provide them your mobile numbers, email ids, Credit card details, address, account numbers, money, etc. Never engage in Pournami lottery ticket money bets online. Below you can check your Pournami lottery result RN from 3 pm onwards. Table of Contents. Related Articles.

Disclaimer : Either keralalotteries. Also visit the official Web site of Kerala state lotteries keralalotteries. Although we took a lot of care in uploading the results, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the results. Web Site Copyright keralalotteries. We are not restricting any one from copying our content but as we said in the disclaimer we do not guarantee the accuracy of the content. We also don't put any restriction in the hyper linking policy of this web site pages. ABOUT keralalotteries. We know that we are dealing with the common people who are more in the buy and sell of the Kerala lottery tickets. We are providing simplified and useful services to those people who are taking part in the Kerala state lottery draws either as buyers or sellers. We are providing result of each Kerala lottery within half an hour when the draw completes. We here by also disclaim that we are neither associated to Government of Kerala or any Kerala Lottery Agency. Search String. Search This Web Site. Thank You for visiting and using our services If You like this page please promote it on facebook and google by clicking the like and plus button below respectively.

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